Virtual tours would give your clients a better look & feel of your property, which helps sales, raises customers comprehension, provides interactivity and a bunch of brand new features that helps to pop you out from competitors. Below are sample use-cases of the new technology:

Construction Projects

Construction companies gain great advantage from VR. Clients can walk through planned buildings even before start of construction.

Architects & Real Estate

Present your apartments & houses in their full glory. Not only interiors, but also exteriors. A customer can try different type of surface materials and even floor plans.

Urban Planning

Fly over the city from birds-eye view. Showcase whole districts and experience all the details from the buildings to the parks.

Rentals & Hotels

Hotels can showcase their best apartments & rooms. A customer can walk-through and see everything with his own eyes from other side of the world – hall, reception, spa, pool, etc.


Interactive VR is royalty class of VR and it’s your choice if you want to provide powerful wow-effect for your client. Interact with Leap Motion and your own hands or with motion controllers. Wireless accessory available at spring 2017!

  • Fully immersive & interactive virtual environment
  • Walk freely in VR with position tracking
  • Advanced interactions
  • 3D-audio
  • Requires PC and Oculus Rift or HTC Vive


You can also interact with virtual objects in mobile VR, but there is no position tracking so you can’t move in virtual space as you can do with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Advantage of mobile VR is that devices are much cheaper and completely wireless.

Download our stereoscopic sample panoramas to your device and watch with your VR-headset: Download 1 – Download 2

  • Stereoscopic 360
  • 2k or 4k resolution (depending about phone)
  • Wireless mobile headsets
  • Mixed media content: 3D, photo or video
  • Requires mobile phone and headset or cardboard
Browser support

We provide ultra high quality 360 panoramas for your website or Youtube. You can easily share content for people who does not own VR-glasses.

Social Media

Share your 360 panoramas also in Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


Rediscover why hands are the universal human interface. Leap Motion technology senses how you naturally move your hands, so you can interact with virtual objects like you do in the real world.